Blog 7: Culmination of a Semester in Astronomy

Because of this class my view of the solar system has changed. From a young age I knew the order of the planets and even some basic facts about each of them. What I did not know, however, was how much more there was to know not only about our solar system, but about the vast number of stars in our galaxy and the current work being done to find extra-solar planets. I have learned so much more information about what goes on inside the planets as well as the fascinating moons that particularly Jupiter and Saturn have. It has also been so interesting to see how the physics class I am currently in and this class coincide. On practically the same day we learned about magnetic fields and how they protect the Earth from charged particles from the sun. Similarly, we learned about Jupiter’s magnetic field and how the tidal forces brought about the volcanism of Io on the same day in Physics and Astronomy. This really excited me about the future classes that I want to take that are about the physics of astronomy.  Hopefully through taking these classes I would be able to more fully understand the current work that is happening in the search for exoplanets and in the continued search for an answer to the mystery of dark matter and dark energy, a field that is so fascinating to me.

Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

2 thoughts on “Blog 7: Culmination of a Semester in Astronomy

  1. I love the contrast you make between the basic facts we know at a young age and the great reveal, later on, that there was so much more to learn about things like Jupiter and Saturn’s cool moons. I think this is the greatest gift of science: showing us what we don’t know. It’s so hard to be curious when we don’t even know what there is to know. I hope you can let your fascination carry you as you continue!


  2. From your TA: Great post! I’m glad you learned so much in this class! Hopefully you can take more astronomy classes in the future, and keep up to date with astronomy discoveries in the news!


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